Who Knew?

10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems
The original bestselling Who Knew? book!

Who Knew? II

The expanded Who Knew? II includes everything from the original Who Knew?, plus thousands more tips and tricks. Discover new ways to make cooking easier, your clothes last longer, and cost-cutting hints for your entire home. Also included is an extended “Free Stuff” chapter that will have you saving money immediately!

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More Who Knew?

Thousands of Money Saving Secrets for Cooking, Cleaning and All Around Your Home
Get even more Who Knew? tips in this follow-up edition!

Who Knew? Double Edition

 10,001+ Money Saving Secrets for Solving Everyday Problems
2 Books in 1!  Get both Who Knew? Vol. 1 and More Who Knew? in one book.

Who Knew? The Best of Vol. 1 & 2

Who Knew? Best of Vol. 3

Household heroes, money saving miracles, and astonishing uses for everyday items.

Who Knew? Almanac

The Complete Guide to the Best Household Tips, Quick Fixes, and Money-Saving Miracles.
These no-nonsense tips get the job done! From A-Z, the Who Knew? Almanac is an all-in-one reference to the essential tips everyone should have in their home. Better yet, finding the perfect solutions to everyday problems is even easier with the Almanac's streamlined, alphabetical design.

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Who Knew? Customer's Choice!

Your Best Time- and Money-Saving Tips Ever!
This edition of Who Knew? brings all the most requested consumer picks together in one volume.

Who Knew? Homespun Household Wisdom

Easy Tips for Cooking, Cleaning and More!
What did Grandma do before there was Google? Find out all her secret tips and some modern-day must-haves in this fun book that contains easy tips for cooking, ways to make cleaning quicker, and other house and garden how-to's.

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Who Knew? Beauty on a Budget

Money-Saving Solutions and Everyday Remedies!
Make daily beauty feel like a day at the spa without spending a cent with these money-saving solutions and everyday remedies. Create luxurious face masks and other expensive beauty equivalents with items you already have around your home, learn how to make your cosmetics last longer, fix any hair problem, and more!

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Who Knew? Formulas & Solutions for a Naturally Clean Home

Cleaning your home has never been easier ... or more environmentally friendly! This green guide teaches you how to make simple cleaners using baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and other all-natural ingredients.

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Who Knew? Green Hints and Tips to Save Time, Money & the Planet

Help the environment and save money at the same time with these fun tips for any family. Learn hundreds of ways to easily cut back your energy usage (and cost), go green, and make simple changes around your home that can make a big difference.

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Who Knew? Cooking Essentials

365 Make Ahead Meals

Who Knew? Cooking Essentials

365 Everyday Dinners

Who Knew? Tote Set

 Who Knew? tote and books gift set!

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Rav Romance Series

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